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The method of calculating the distance between objects and groups of objects reflects the specificity solve applied problems effective 2 mg trihexyphenidyl. For example buy 2 mg trihexyphenidyl mastercard, the euclidean distance can be set in the case of continuous variables: 2 = ( − ) =1 178 here Xij – the value of the i-th factor in the j-th observation discount trihexyphenidyl 2mg online. Despite much research in the cluster analysis generic trihexyphenidyl 2 mg on-line, there are a number of current problems in this area discount trihexyphenidyl 2 mg free shipping. These include, in particular, multicollinearity is often present in these marketers. The questionnaires in conducting marketing research, as a rule, contain related issues, and the data is usually multicollinearity. There is an effective method of linear transformation of the space of the explanatory variables, allowing to obtain new regressors, comfortable and effective in dealing with the prediction or recognition problems. It is based on the transition from the initial set of correlated factors X1, X2, … Xn to the new set of explanatory variables Z1, Z2, … Zn coefficients with zero covariance between: cov(Z ,i Zj) = 0, (i ≠ j). New factors (principal components) are selected so that the first principal component had the highest dispersion in the new set of variables, and the second – the dispersion, the next highest, and so on.. Thus, it becomes possible to reduce the number of explanatory variables to the first few principal components thus facilitated visualization of the original data. The method of principal components is easily implemented in a software environment R, which is controlled via the command line. For this environment, there are numerous additional modules library with open source that greatly enhance its functionality. R has great functionality, including a large range of options for data visualization. The method of principal components is well suited for market research, it allows you to create a new space of explanatory variables with zero multicollinearity, reducing the dimension of this space facilitates visualization of data. The pharmaceutical sector is an important part of the primary health system its condition depends on the overall level of the industry and the economy as a whole. However guarantee level free medical care to the patients is a problem carried out the most difficult and hardest. The availability of drugs is determined by their presence in the pharmaceutical market and economic accessibility that is to sayprice regulation and compensation of spending on medicines through compulsory health insurance. To analyze the current state of pharmaceutical care in Poland and establish a mechanism reimbursement cost of medicines. Some drugs are used to remove symptoms that are easy to identify, such as: painkillers, antipyretics, vitamins, homeopathic medicines can be bought without a prescription. Each patient is insured in Poland has the right to discount the price of the drugs. There are 4 levels of reimbursement of drugs:  100% free (bezpłatny (B) dispensed medicines used to treat severe, chronic diseases such as cancer, tuberculosis, infectious diseases, mental disorders, seizures, etc. Where the retail price is higher than the set limit for financing, the patient must pay the difference between the retail price and size limit funding. For discounted prescriptions mainly released generic drugs because their price is much lower than the original. In the case of the introduction of the first generic drug to limit the group, its price will be not more than 75% of the original drug price. At the end of patent protection, the manufacturer of the original drug should reduce the price by at least 25%, even if his group does not include any generic drag. Draws attention to the fact that the purchase of drugs can use and prescription prescribed in another country. If some medicines that prescribed in the recipe are absent, pharmacist can represcribe them for a patient, and leave the old prescription at the pharmacy. One prescription forms are allowed to issue up to 5 drugs on; the prescription valid 30 days usually. The doctor prescribes medicines in an amount such that enough for 3 months of treatment. According to statistics, the price of drugs in Poland for the last 20 years steadily increased, but still they are three times lower than in other European countries. Established, the average trade margin on drugs Poland is only 17%, and in most European countries – almost 30%. The provision of medical and pharmaceutical care for the population of Poland is in the form of compulsory social health insurance was determined. There are four compensation levels can be carried out on: the full amount (100% – chronic and prolonged) or partially (50% – treatment of the disease for 30 days, and 30% – other by defined list). Today the pharmaceutical market is undergoing significant changes occurring managerial and organizational transformation. This makes it necessary to improve the activities of retail pharmaceutical enterprises on the basis of modern management techniques with the use of marketing tools. Marketing strategy to promote the company acquire particular relevance in terms of competition for the market. The object of research is the process of formation and development of marketing activities of pharmaceutical companies in the current economic conditions. Theoretical generalization method, the method of analysis and synthesis, comparison method, statistical methods, methods of market research are used in the research process.

Stability Studies for all products (3 batches order trihexyphenidyl 2mg online, 6 Months) in case of renewal of license Accelerated Real Time 12 generic 2 mg trihexyphenidyl overnight delivery. Validation and calibration of essential and critical equipment and instruments 14 cheap 2 mg trihexyphenidyl otc. Copies of procurement documents of machinery and equipments (bills etc) in case of grant of licence 16 purchase trihexyphenidyl 2 mg without a prescription. Stability Data (3 batches discount 2 mg trihexyphenidyl with visa, 6 Months) Yes/No Accelerated Adequate/ inadequate Real Time Adequate/ inadequate 8. List of technical staff, their qualification, experience Yes/No and approval status 10. Product summery sheet Yes/No Opinion: The firm has submitted the documents vide Letter no. Memorandum of association/ constitution of Yes/No the firm (List of Directors) 23. Date of receipt of application: --------- Subject: Grant of Drugs Manufacturing Licence S. List of technical staff, their qualification, experience Yes/No and approval status 8. Date of receipt of application: ------------- Subject: Grant of manufacturing license for sterile & non-sterile Orthopaedic Implants S. Any other approval Yes/No Opinion: The firm has submitted the documents vide Letter no. List of technical staff, their qualification, Yes/No experience and approval status 8. Contact details Yes/No Opinion: The firm has submitted the documents vide Letter no. Name, address, qualification and experience of the Yes/No technical staff responsible for manufacture and testing. List of drugs intended to be manufactured (along with Yes/No formula, pack size and details of primary packing material (glass or plastic). Self appraisal to be Observations Rating to be Location and filled by the to be noted by made by the surroundings: manufacturer along the inspecting inspecting with all details (yes or team at the team no type reply will not time of as per be acceptable) inspection Benchmarks 1. Pls specify nature of construction used in the facility in respect of its maintenance and hygienic conditions. Pls attach equipment lay out, men and material movement, waste movement if applicable. Attach copy of pest / rodent control schedule along with contract agreement if any. Pls specify source of raw water and give details of treatment processes, sampling points, distribution and storage system for raw and purified water. Specify the storage arrangement provided for materials which sensitive to temperature, humidity and light and how the parameters are monitored. If not what provision has been made for sampling so as to prevent contamination, cross contamination and mix-ups at a time of sampling. Specify the arrangements 52 provided to sample the primary packaging materials foils, bottles, etc which are used as such. Which type of sampling tools are used and how they are cleaned, dried and maintained. Whether pressure differential is maintained between the dispensing and adjacent areas. If yes pls explain how and attach copy of plan of premises of each category of drug. Which provide sequential / logical manner so as to prevent contamination and cross contamination? How many sets of protective garments provided for each personnel entering production area. Please specify the provision of air conditioned and ventilation system for the animal house. In case of contractual testing what are the responsibilities of contract giver and contract acceptor. What is the air class of these testing areas and whether pressure difference is maintained in these areas? Whether in case of antibiotic potency testing, statistical proof of the determination of potency and validity of the test carried out. Pls give name and qualification of contracted medical officer for medical examination.

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Diagnostically significant titres of antiBabesia IgG (≥1:128) were revealed in 13 buy trihexyphenidyl 2mg fast delivery. Consequently generic trihexyphenidyl 2mg with amex, reasonable is the tactics of its limited use: for diagnosis of the acute phase of babesiosis only in cases with negative results of investigations buy trihexyphenidyl 2mg otc, conducted by other methods (microscopy order 2mg trihexyphenidyl overnight delivery, polymerase chain reaction) discount trihexyphenidyl 2 mg without prescription, and in the presence of a strong suspicion that the patient may have haemoparasitosis. Drug therapy compared with surgical treatment is safer and with better compliance that determines its relevance. Incidence rates increase from 3 cases per 1000 man-years at age 45–49 years, to 38 cases per 1000 man-years by the age of 75–79 years. Medicines that may simultaneously exert anti-inflammatory effects, inhibit 5-α-reductase (the enzyme that converts testosterone into a more active dihydrotestosterone, sposobstvuschy prostate growth), to restore the activity of sperm, inhibiting dysuria and pain, increases the potency, eliminate symptoms of voiding, is absent in the Ukrainian pharmaceutical market. The term ―off-label drug use‖ refers to drugs that have not yet acquired ―approved‖ status or drugs that have acquired ―approved‖ status but are used with a different dosage, route, or administration method other than that for which the drug has been approved. Some off-label prescribing should be permitted to allow physicians to take good care of patients and offer them some therapeutic options, but such prescriptions must remain the exception to the rule and should be scrutinized and controlled by regulatory agencies using well-defined frameworks. No comprehensive studies, however, exist that analyse in full all prescriptions for all dispensed drugs, especially in view of the recent intervention by the European Medicine Agency to tackle this issue. These studies have brought to light a high proportion of unlicensed and off-label use, reaching up to 72% of all prescriptions and 93% of all pediatric patients. This off-label prescribing is most commonly done with older, generic medications that have found new uses but have not had the formal (and often costly). The skin protecting from ultraviolet radiation is a very important measure for the prevention of solar burn and other kinds of solar damage like dermatitis, erythema, skin aging and cancer. Unfortunately, today on the national market there is no photoprotectors able to compete with foreign developments. On the other hand, the climate and environmental situation in Ukraine requires the development of new effective photoprotectors. Especially photoprotectors are useful for the people having more than 4 birthmarks, military who serve in solar regions, people with the genetic predisposition to skin cancer, the patients receiving phototherapy. The experimental data prove that the cream with nanoparticles of cerium dioxide has photoptotective, antioxidant and anti- inflammatory properties. This research still needs advanced preclinical and clinical studies, but now it is possible to say that this cream can be new perspective development of domestic photopharmacology, and can become a perspective commodity for the import substitution. More than the one-third of population is infected by parasitogenic helminthes that often leads to chronic diseases and death of patients. In Ukraine the annual index of morbidity on helminthosis is 1333 cases per each 100 thousand of population. As helminthosis usually are difficult for differentiation, a lot of antihelminthic drugs have the wide spectrum of action. These facilities are very toxic for an organism, that will allow to decrease its toxic action and to promote efficiency of medicinal preparations. Aim is studying of therapeutic action of liposomal forms of antihelminthic medical facilities on experimental models of opisthorchiasis, ascaridosis, trichinosis, hymenolepiasis and toxocariasis. Materials and methods: experimental opisthorchiasis (infection of hamsters by metacercaria), ascaridosis and trichinosis (infection of mice by eggs), hymenolepiasis (the larval stage of cysticercosis of Hymenolepis nana in the fibres of thin department of mice intestine), toxocariasis (toxocara spp. We studied negatively charged liposoms, that was got from mixture of polar lipids (phosphatidylethanolamine, phosphatidylcholine, phosphatidylserine, sulfatcerebroside, sphingomyelin) (author development of N. Liposomal medical forms purposefully transport substances to the organs of the reticuloendothelial system, have high bioavailability, does not evince cytotoxicity action and are simple to prepare. In addition, the medical substance, placed into liposome, become more effective, thanks to absence of decay by enzymes. The liposomal forms of antihelminthic drugs act considerably less doses, increase the amount of leucocytes, promote the indexes of alkaline phosphatase, that is the marker of T-cells. One-time insertion of negatively charged liposoms, that is got on the basis of polar lipids and contain antihelminthic drugs (Phensal and Albendazole) show more expressed therapeutic efficiency in reduced doses, that reduces their toxicity accordingly. The liposomal form of Fensal and Albendazole shows the expressed effect on intracellular infections. According to the International Diabetes Federation today the number of diabetes patients has reached 366 million in the world, and in 2030 will reach up to 552 million. Peterburg Research Institute of Pure Biochemicals, on the development of alloxan diabetes in rats. The absolute insulin deficiency of the direct - cytotoxic genesis was induced with help of the single subcutaneous injection of alloxan in a dose of 150 mg / kg of white mongrel rats weighing 160-220 g, which were kept at a pre-day starvation diet. When decapitation, blood was collected and liver isolated for biochemical studies. Raleukin and anakinra unlike metformin significantly increased insulin levels in the blood serum of animals in 2,2-2,4 times. Under the influence of raleukin Hb content in blood serum of rats was significantly increased by 1.

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It yields the best vesicles with respect to size homogeneity and is suitable for the preparation of liposomes in a scale ranging from one to hundreds of milliliters order 2mg trihexyphenidyl with visa. Different enzymes incorporated in liposomes were sized by this procedure without loss of enzymatic activity (6 cheap 2 mg trihexyphenidyl visa,19 cheap trihexyphenidyl 2mg line,28 purchase trihexyphenidyl 2 mg otc,30) cheap trihexyphenidyl 2mg. Chemically Modified Enzymes and Liposomes The formulation of hydrophilic therapeutic enzymes in liposomes is not restricted to the encapsulation or retention of the macromolecules into the inner aqueous space of the vesicles (Fig. The binding of enzymes to liposomes outer surface can be done by two main approaches: 1) by linking the enzyme with functional hydrophobic anchors, such as long-chain fatty acids, or 2) by directly linking the enzyme to some of the phos- pholipids of the liposome bilayer (11). In the former, the enzyme conjugate is incor- porated into the liposomal membrane during liposome formation. In the latter, the anchor is included in the liposome bilayer and the coupling reaction occurs on the liposome surface. In both cases, owing to the complexity and structural diversity of the enzyme molecules, each process must be optimized to both preserve the enzyme function and get an appropriate enzyme load into the liposomal bilayer. The main differences between the two approaches are as follows: the number of enzyme molecules exposed to the outer bilayer of the enzymosome, the stability of the enzyme–liposome conjugation, the accessibility to the active site, and the characteristics of the modified enzyme, as the molecules bound to the enzyme are considerably different, namely, long-chain fatty acids, phospholipids, or polymer chains linked to phospholipids. The selection of the approach to be used has to be performed according to each case of therapeutic enzyme delivery mediated by enzymosomes. Acylation of Enzymes to Promote Hydrophobic Interaction with Liposomes The conjugation of a hydrophilic enzyme to acyl chains (Ac-enzyme) switches the affinity of the enzyme from hydrophilic to hydrophobic microenvironments (11,38). The level of hydrophobicity of the Ac-enzyme is modulated by the number and/or the length of fatty chains linked to the enzyme surface. The preservation of other properties of the modified enzyme is dependent on suitable strategies during con- jugation. An example is the case of Ac-l-asparaginase, which preserves 100% of the catalytic activity if the active site is blocked with the substrate during conjuga- tion (38,39). To maximize the load of such an Ac-enzyme into a liposome structure, 40 Cruz et al. Shown here is the localization both in the internal aqueous space (A) and in the lipid bilayer (B) of liposomes and the corresponding release (C and D). In case A, the enzyme is not available for substrate degradation when the liposome is intact; in case B, the enzyme is available even before liposome disruption. The Ac-enzyme can be partially inserted into the liposome bilayer or buried into the hydrophobic lipid matrix of the vesicles, which depends on the number and localization of the hydrophobic chains linked to the enzyme surface. The new procedure was developed to incorporate the bioconjugate Ac-l-asparaginase into liposomes (40). After the extrusion step used to reduce the size of the enzymosomes, any Ac-enzyme not incorporated is removed by gradient cen- trifugation. The Ac-enzyme–liposomal bilayer association depends on the overall electrostatic interactions between the enzyme- associated charges and on the hydrophobic interactions. The incorporation of Ac- enzymes into the bilayer of liposomes is efficiently evaluated by the ratio between the catalytic activity quantified in intact versus disrupted enzymosomes. No significant activity was found in intact liposomes loaded with the native enzyme [Fig. Chemical Link of Enzymes Directly to Liposome Surface As mentioned before, the other approach to build enzymosomes is by directly linking the hydrophilic enzyme to lipids of the liposome bilayer. The direct con- jugation of therapeutic enzymes to the outer surface of lipid vesicles remains a challenge, as few publications report the construction of liposomes with surface- attached enzymes. In contrast, many publications report the attachment of antibod- ies to the liposome surface, a concept widely used for the active targeting of lipo- somes (14,37). A suitable enzyme load, keeping the vesicle structural integrity and preserving the enzyme activity, was achieved (43). They combine the advantages of other carrier systems, especially regarding lipophilic drug incorporation and parenteral administration. They represent an alternative to polymeric particulate systems and are considered alternative carriers for pep- tides, proteins, and antigens. These colloidal systems are made from solid lipids (highly purified triglycerides, complex glyceride mixtures, or waxes) and stabilized by surfactant(s). There is no need for potentially toxic organic solvents for their production, which is impor- tant in protein formulation. Other procedures were described: solvent emulsification/evaporation method (50) or emulsification/diffusion technique (51), water/oil/water double- emulsion method, or high-speed stirring and/or ultrasonication technique. Super- critical fluid technology has recently been used to prepare lipid particles. Among these, loading onto preformed lipid nanoparticles by sorption procedures has also been introduced. In spite of lack of release mechanism knowledge and kinetic characterization, the prolonged in vitro release, and subsequent in vivo sustained effect of various proteins are described (46). Polymeric nanoparticles are obtained by different processes based on two main approaches: polymerization reactions and the use of preformed polymers (56,57). Nanospheres are defined as a polymeric matrix in which the drug is uni- formly dispersed and nanocapsules are described as a polymeric membrane that surrounds the drug in the matrix core (58). Their nanoparti- cles are easily obtained by an emulsion polymerization process developed by Cou- vreur (64).